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( Jun. 14th, 2010 08:11 pm)
So, I got some fish.

Real ones, not the kind frozen and scaled already.

I have nothing to say here! I need to...figure it out.

Got a new (second) job as a phone sex operator. That's something, right?

I need more DW icons.
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( May. 19th, 2010 05:42 am)
Note to LJ: I have a Dreamwidth account now. I fought and fought not to get one, and that's usually all it takes to make me want something. But I can post on DW, and it will automatically crosspost to livejournal. Which is a serious benefit that no other social network site has offered. So yay for Dreamwidth.

I need to figure out what this journal is for. I have too many social networking sites. Let's see.

Livejournal - For the serious stuff. And also for the fun goofy stuff, too.
Twitter - For the instant gratification stuff (read: everything). I tweet too much. I don't know how people put up with me.
Facebook - God, I despise it so. But there are people who have abandoned LJ, and don't Tweet, and the only way to keep up with them is through it. I throw a few random things up there, mostly stuff I've already said on Twitter.
Blogger - Pop culture. I loooove my pop culture blog. If I weren't so anal retentive, I would post a lot more entries over there. Gathering the pictures I want to post throughout the entries is my favorite part.
Insane Journal - Knitting. This doesn't count, because I never update the poor thing. Poor little insane journal. ::pat pat::

Each of these needs to be updated, because it reminds me to read the people I have associated with each. Erm, except for LJ, wherein I haven't read my friendslist in about five years. Because I suck.

So. What am I using DW for? I will have to consider this.

I also need to get more icons. I do love me some icons.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] gloss !!

I love you so much, my girl. Being your friend has been a nonstop joy filled experience. It's years since I stumbled upon the fic that would lead me to so much happiness, and I am grateful to whatever fanfiction list I was on that made Book of Daniel available to me.

I have a prezzie for you! However, I suck. Like, hoover-quality suckage. And haven't gotten it mailed yet. But I will! It's silly and crazy and I hope it makes you smile.

I am a better person for having met you. I'm smarter, for one thing. I love you for purely selfish reasons. You bring light to my life, and I want to keep it there forever.
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( May. 12th, 2010 06:21 pm)
This feels strange.

Also, "Reason for age restriction"?

Woah, you can crosspost to LJ?


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